Garden plots can be adopted by teachers. These classes will need parent volunteers to meet them in the garden to help with activities and lessons. There are two volunteer levels with different commitment expectations. Thank you to everyone that signed up to help this year!




About The Garden


Rooster Spring’s Learning Garden is 6,000 sqft nested between academic wings, with access from the school library, so the “inward facing” classes have a view of the garden. Our goal is to create a sustainable garden that allows teachers to effortlessly integrate the garden into their daily lessons. We have a rainwater collection cistern, in addition to a hose bib, for water in the garden, but the irrigation system is completely non-functional, so we water by hand mostly. There are 27 adoptable plots. Classes voluntarily adopt and care for plots each year, primarily planting edibles.


The garden is a Certified Wildlife Habitat recognized by the National Wildlife Federation, and is also certified as a Monarch Waystation. Along part of one wall there’s a large area of wildflower and native planting that is maintained by our garden ninjas, aka volunteers. In the center of the garden we have additional wildflower and native plantings in an area we affectionately call the Butterfly Garden, also maintained by the ninjas. We also have two peach trees and a persimmon tree.





1. Respect the plants and creatures (even bugs)!

2. Take trash with you.

3. Put away tools when you’re done.

4. Cistern water is great for plants, but not for drinking or washing hands.

5. Please sign in and tell us about your activities.

6. Make sure to lock the shed and close the gate when you leave.





Garden Committee


Samantha Bethke

Lindsey Booth (Co-Chair)

Kristel Comai

Lindsay DePasquale

Matt Walker (Co-Chair)